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eMedals-A Hanseatic Cities Napoleonic Campaigns Medal 1815

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A Hanseatic Cities Napoleonic Campaigns Medal 1815

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A Hanseatic Cities Napoleonic Campaigns Medal 1815

Silver, obverse inscribed "Dem Vaterländischen kampfe 1813. 1814. zum Andenken" (In Memory of the Patriotic Conflict 1813 - 1814) above a Hanseatic (Maltese) cross, inscribed "Hanseatische Legion." above and "Lübeck. Bremen. Hamburg." below, reverse with three shields bearing the arms of Bremen at the left, Lubeck in the centre and Hamburg at the right, the shields leaning against an oak tree, inscribed "Gott war mit uns" (God was with us) above and engraver marked "LOOS" (Gottfried Bernhard Loos, 1774-1843), 36 mm, light contact and surface wear, better than very fine. Footnote: The medal was instituted jointly by the Hanseatic Towns, ratified by Hamburg on March 9, 1815, by Bremen on March 31, 1815 and by Lubeck on June 7, 1815, to be awarded to "all who, whether in the Hanseatic Legion or in the Town Guard, participated in the field of conflict during the campaigns of 1813 and 1814" (für Alle diejenigen, welche während des Feldzuges von 1813, 1814 in der Hanseatische Legion gestanden oder unter der …. Bürgergarde im offenen Felde gestanden). The Hanseatic Towns traditionally maintained only small Town Guards, largely to maintain order. During the Napoleonic wars, all three towns were annexed by France and suffered decline, particularly Hamburg which was besieged by Allied forces for more than a year. After liberation by Allied forces in 1813, the Towns raised the Hanseatic Legion, comprising two infantry battalions from Hamburg and one each from Bremen and Lubeck. In all, 1,710 men from Hamburg, 750 from Bremen and 540 from Lubeck joined the Legion and subsequenly fought at the decisive battle of Waterloo under the command of Graf (later Fürst) Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. The medal was struck in gold and in silver by the Berlin firm of G. Loos in 12 and 800 examples respectively. The silver medals cost 1 Thaler 16 Groschen each.
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