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eMedals-A Government Official's Dagger by Alcoso

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A Government Official's Dagger by Alcoso

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A Government Official's Dagger by Alcoso

A Government Official's Dagger by Alcoso - This Alcoso made Government Official's Dagger is in excellent overall condition; it retains all of its silvering throughout the hilt and scabbard, which is now nicely toned, with fine old pleasing patina; the spanner nut has same patina as the rest of the handle, and careful indication would suggest that it may have been out once or twice long time ago; it is a great condition. The eagle head pommel is in excellent  condition, without scratches or damage; head is very well defined and in excellent condition overall; the feathering below the bird's head is crisp and well defined; the accent lines which run along the border of the lower pommel and backstrap are deeply engraved and well defined. The ferrule below has the traditional dual accent lines, slightly dent. The crossguard is a well defined nice example, featuring the eagle head (looks to the viewer's left) with outstretched wings; the crossguard is dark toned, and typical Alcoso. The grip plates are made of (simulating mother-of-pearl) celluloid, of creamy, yellowish/golden color, well matched, without damages or chipping – in excellent condition. The scabbard of this fine dagger is straight throughout, dark toned, without dents or damages; the overlapping oak leaf bands and acorns are finely detail, while the eyelets have the triple serrated surfaces, crisp and problem free; the throat is retained by two head side screws which are unturned. The blade of this example is bright and shiny, rust free, and having on the reverse ricasso with the trademark which consists of the scales, atop which is the firm's name "ALCOSO", while below the scales is city of manufacture - "SOLINGEN". The original, blue leather blade washer is in place. An excellent example of the government official dagger by “Alcoso”, in extremely fine condition overall.
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