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eMedals-A Gordon Highlanders Colour Sergeant Major's Tunic

Item: GB5352

A Gordon Highlanders Colour Sergeant Major's Tunic

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A Gordon Highlanders Colour Sergeant Major's Tunic

A Gordon Highlanders Colour Sergeant Major's Tunic - The tunic is fabricated from a fine-textured red wool on the exterior, the interior lined in white wool, with a white cotton lining in the sleeves. It has twenty-eight brass buttons, each emblazoned with the Royal coat-of-arms insignia and maker marked "McCLYMONT DEWAR & Co GLASGOW". There are button down red wool shoulder straps on each shoulder, which are held in place via small brass buttons at the neck end and have a white embroidered "G.H." (Gordon Highlanders) on the shoulder end. The right shoulder has a Colour Sergeant Major's insignia consisting of crossed Union Jack flags framing the George V crown, the St. George crosses of the flags in deep red velvet, the diagonal crosses in white and red embroidery on a blue embroidered field, the flagpoles and adjoining tassels in gold-coloured bullion wire. The raised crown is fabricated from rolled gold and silver bullion wire, with maroon felt in the dome and touches of red, green and blue embroidery in the crown's base. Below the insignia are three inverted Sergeant chevrons in gold-coloured bullion wire. Just above the right cuff are two Efficiency badges in rolled gold-coloured bullion wire. The insignia, chevrons and badges are each sewn to a red wool base. Each side of the collar opening has silver Gordon Highlanders collar tabs held in place via intact lugs and pins on the reverse. The hook and eye closure at the opening has a protective leather tab stitched behind the eye on the left side, and when closed, ensures a snug fit at the neckline. The front is completed by a vertical row of eight large brass buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left side. On either side at the waist are brass loops for the placement of a belt, which has been lost to time. The cuffs are in navy blue wool and trimmed in white piping, with white cord embroidery extending from each of the three buttons on both cuffs. There are ten red wool flaps on the reverse, with white wool or cotton undersides, the four exposed larger ones with three large brass buttons each, with cord embroidery extending from each of the buttons, and the two smaller flaps with single buttons each, with all of the flaps trimmed in white piping. Although the tunic shows extensive signs of mothing and exhibits soiling, especially on the inside, the fabric exhibits a nice texture in the wool and quality workmanship, with intact stitching. Fine.
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