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eMedals-A German Urban Police Officer's Shako

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A German Urban Police Officer's Shako

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A German Urban Police Officer's Shako

A German Urban Police Officer's Shako - This sturdy-framed shako has a green felt exterior, with a leather circular top, straight front and domed back with protruding neck guard, in the traditional police helmet style, that was established in 1920s and lasted until 1945. The front is adorned with a gilt aluminum Third Reich Police shako plate, illustrating a spread-winged eagle sitting upon an oak leaf clustered wreath centred by a swastika insignia. Immediately above the shako plate is a cockade, with a red felt centre surrounded by rows of silver bullion and black embroidery, framed by five outer rows of silver bullion, attached to the helmet via a u-shaped prong on the back of the cockade and slid through a slot behind the shako plate. The reverse of the cockade is covered in black felt. There are two green circular screened vents on either side near the top, to allow for proper ventilation. The patterned gilt aluminum chin strap has two sixteen scalloped panels on either side, with leather supports on the underside, linked together at the centre junction with a hook and eye fixture in the end panels. The side posts on either side are capped by large gilt aluminum cockades, with the chin strap attached on the undersides. It also comes with a reinforcing, heaving stitched 19.5 mm wide patterned leather strap sewn in place along the lower portion of the shako, around the circumference, covering the seams where it meets the visor and the neck guard. Both the visor and the neck guard have vulcanfibre uppers, with synthetic undersides finished in olive green. The inside comes complete with its original wide leather sweatband, perforated along the front edge with five tiny rows of forty ventilation holes each, along with twenty-seven large holes ringing the outer scalloped edge, stitched together at the rear seam. The dome features two cloth panels that meet in the centre, with the opening side of each supported by arched strips of wood that are sewn into the seams, the panels being stitched to the adjoining sweatband near the scalloped edge. It measures 176 mm x 246 mm x 157 mm in height, exhibiting crazing on the leather circular top and visor, the leather liner with normal wear present along its outer edge and moderate soiling from active wear. All parts are original with only a small interruption in the stitching on the right side of the circular top, contacts marks on the right rear on the green felt exterior, near extremely fine.
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