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eMedals-A German Imperial Army Trench Coat 1917

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A German Imperial Army Trench Coat 1917

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A German Imperial Army Trench Coat 1917

A German Imperial Army Trench Coat 1917 - The exterior of the tunic is fabricated from a smooth-textured olive green wool. Both shoulders are adorned with a single metal button, each previously having been painted light brown on their fronts but have lost most of their paint finish and adorned with the Imperial German crown, maker marked on their reverses and measuring 19 mm in diameter each. The upper and neck area of the collar is fabricated from a mid-tone green brushed wool, the underside of the collar in olive green wool, matching the exterior of the trench coat, displaying heavy, reinforced beige cross stitching. The left side has a button down olive green wool tab, held in place via two dark brown plastic buttons and when released, the tab flips over and is able to be connected to a third dark brown button sewn in place on the underside of the collar on the right side. The collar has dual metal eyes on the left side facing dual metal hooks on the right side, ensuring a snug fit at the neck, the metal parts exhibiting surface rust. There is a small embroidered vertical loop sewn in place just to the right of the upper front closure button, with its corresponding metal hook sewn on the underside of the upper front panel on the coat, also exhibiting surface rust. The front is adorned with side entry pockets on either side at the waist with fold over flaps, each of the pockets lined in beige cotton. The front is completed by a vertical row of six metal buttons, each painted light brown on their fronts and adorned with the Imperial German crown, maker marked on their reverses and measuring 22.5 mm in diameter each. The rear is fashioned with a two-piece belt, featuring an adjustable strap on the left side, slotted with two reinforced button holes and a underlying metal hook, held in place via a 22.5 mm brown painted metal button and metal eye on the right strap. Flanking the ends of both straps is a reinforced 50 mm long slot which penetrates the coat and is open to its inside. Further down the rear seams on either side where the ends of the straps of the belt terminate are small embroidered horizontal loops, sewn in place approximately 55 mm apart. The rear of the coat is single-vented, with three of its four plastic buttons intact, the other having been lost to time, and a metal hook and eye closure at its base. The cuffs are the rolled-up style, measuring 150 mm in length each. The interior is lined in beige cotton in the upper half of the coat, the pockets and the sleeves. Each sleeve has a 85 mm long beige cotton loop for suspending the coat from hooks. It is stamped in black ink "BAXV 1917" just to the left of the left sleeve opening on the beige cotton lining. There is a large beige cotton-lined pocket on the left breast, complete with stray cigarette residue inside it. The tunic measures 480 mm across the shoulders and 1,180 mm in length overall. There is evidence of mothing in the collar, wear along the bottom edge, along with soiling overall, especially in the beige cotton lining. It displays a nice texture in the wool and quality workmanship. A fine WWI collectible, better than very fine. (C:4)
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