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eMedals-A First War Vimy Trench Map 1916

Item: C3568

A First War Vimy Trench Map 1916

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A First War Vimy Trench Map 1916

A First War Vimy Trench Map 1916 - Outside front cover panel entitled "TRENCH MAP VIMY 36c S.W. 3. EDITION 7. C", with the adjoining eight mapped areas identified in a schematic, marked "SCALE 1:10,000" at the top and "INDEX TO ADJOINING SHEETS" on the left side, flanked by a six panel "GLOSSARY", with French terms translated into English. Inside illustrating a topographical map of the Vimy region, the elevations marked in metres, marked "1:10,000", "VIMY", "EDITION 7. (REDRAWN)", "TRENCHES CORRECTED TO 14-9-16" (September 14, 1916) and "36c S.W. 3." along the top edge and marked "Minor corrections to detail made 18-10-16." (October 18, 1916) and "Ordnance Survey 1916" along the bottom edge. It features the town of Vimy, surrounded by the neighbouring communities of Avion, Givenchy and Souchez, along with smaller hamlets. A legend appears below the map at the lower left and is entitled "REFERENCE", with icons identifying various military significant points, including: British front line trenches, important German trenches along with older or disused ones, enemy tracks, entanglements of other obstacles, ground cut up by artillery fire, buried pipe lines or cables, trench railways, supply dumps, dugouts, observation posts, earthworks, mine craters and fortified mine craters. Also identified in detail are roads (1st, 2nd and 3rd classes, both fenced and un-fenced), footpaths, cart tracks, rivers, forests (Bois du Champ Pourri, Bois de la Folie, Bois de Bonval, Bois du Goulot, Bois du Chaudière, Bois Carré, Bois de Souchez, among others), hedges, fences and ditches (dry or permanently with water), railways (single, double, light or tramway), water towers, wells, churches, cemeteries, along with other significant trigonometrically fixed positions, including Hills 65 and 145 and the Mont Forêt Quarries. The map is printed in three colours (red, blue and black), on a water-resistant linen stock, while its outside backer is printed in black only, the map folded into thirty-two panels, measuring 678 mm x 925 mm when opened, folding up to 115 mm x 170 mm, exhibiting scattered tears along the fold lines, with one elongated hole along the fold line near the town of Givenchy, lightly soiled overall, the front panel extensively soiled. A terrific First World War collectible. Very fine.      
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