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eMedals-A First War Submariner Collection to Maschinistsmaat Max Detlef Johannes

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A First War Submariner Collection to Maschinistsmaat Max Detlef Johannes



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A First War Submariner Collection to Maschinistsmaat Max Detlef Johannes

A First War Submariner Collection to Maschinistsmaat Max Detlef Johannes - German Imperial Navy, taken prisoner when the submarine UB.19 was sunk by the Q-Ship Penshurst on 1 December 1916: Germany, Prussia, Iron Cross 1914, 2nd Class, magnetic; Germany, Cross of Honour 1914-18, combatants; Submarine War Badge 1918, in stamped bronze-gilt, pin-backed; together with associated ribbon bar and lapel rosette, all in extremely fine condition; also with the recipients original Militrpass (military booklet) which confirms his military services and Iron Cross. Footnote: Max Detlef Johannes Doose was born in Trittau, near Hamburg, Prussia on 20 May 1891. As a Student Engineer, he entered the Imperial Navy as a One-Year Volunteer on 3 January 1913. He was posted to No. 1 Company, 1st Dockyard Division for service in Ships of the Line. He served ashore, 3 January-14 June 1913 and aboard the old battleship S.M.S. Wittelsbach, 15 June-12 December 1913. He was ranked as a Maschinist, 3 January 1913; Obermaschinist, 1 July 1913, and Maschistsmaat (Machinists Mate), 2 January 1914. Recalled for War Service, he served as Maschinistsmaat on the Wittelsbach, 2 August 1914-20 November 1915. He was then transferred to the U-Boat Division for training, 21 November 1915-19 January 1916. Following the completion of his training he served with the U-Boat Flotillas in Flanders, operating in the English Channel and the coastal waters of the North Sea. Doose was on the submarine UB-19 from 1 September 1916 until she was sunk by the British Q-Ship Penshurst (Captain Grenfell) off Portland Bill, Dorset, on 30 November 1916. The submarine overhauled the seemingly harmless Penhurst and was beguiled by the panic party abandoning ship. It was enticed to within 250 yards, at which range, the Penhurst threw off her disguise and opened fire, riddling the submarines conning tower and hull with holes. After 10 minutes engagement, the submarine foundered. Three officers and 13 ratings were rescued, seven were killed. Amongst those rescued was Doose. Taken to England as a prisoner-of-war, he remained a prisoner until late 1919. He was discharged from the navy at Berlin-Wilhelmsdorf on 30 November 1919. For his wartime services he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class on 30 November 1916. His services also entitled him to the Submarine War Badge that was instituted on 1 February 1918. Sold with extensive research file.
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