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eMedals-United Kingdom. A First War Naval Medal Group to Submarine E-10

Item: GB4692

United Kingdom. A First War Naval Medal Group to Submarine E-10

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United Kingdom. A First War Naval Medal Group to Submarine E-10

A First War Naval Medal Group to Submarine E-10 - 1914-15 Star (271123, W.F. BURGESS, E.R.A. 1., R.N.); British War Medal (271123 W.F. BURGESS. E.R.A.1 R.N.); Victory Medal (271123 W.F. BURGESS. E.R.A.1 R.N.); and Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, George V (271123. W.F. BURGESS, E.R.A. 1 CL. H.M.S. MAIDSTONE.). Naming is officially impressed. Court mounted, light contact, near extremely fine. Accompanied by a duotang folder with his military biography, copies of his Service Records and five black and white ship photographs.   Footnote: W.F. Burgess was born on February 11, 1880 and joined the Royal Navy on July 6, 1901. He was promoted to the rank of Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class on October 19, 1910 and one year later, joined submarine service, on November 7, 1911. He was posted to H.M.S. D 4 in January 1912, attached to the Submarine Depot Ship Bonaventure. He was transferred to the Submarine E-10 in June 1914 and left her in January 1915, just before the E-10 was lost off Heligoland Bight on January 18th. Burgess was then stationed at H.M.S. Maidstone, which was the Submarine Depot Ship at Harwich. As a "spare crew member", he would fill in for anyone sick, on leave or taking courses. For a two week period, he was on H.M.S. E-56 in July 1917 and then returned to spare crew. In 1914, H.M.S. Maidstone had eight D Class and nine E Class Submarines, based on her doing patrols in the North Sea. In 1915, the numbers changed to four D Class, fourteen E Class and one S Class. In 1916, there were four D Class, fourteen E Class and six H Class attached. By 1917, there were a total of eighteen E Class attached and at the close of the war, three C Class, eleven E Class and four L Class. Due to losses and the completion of new boats, the complements of boats were constantly changing. No doubt Burgess was on many patrols in boats other than those cited. For his First World War service, he was awarded the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Post-war, saw him posted to three submarines: to H.M.S. E-41 on January 20, 1919, to H.M.S. L-32 on May 25, 1919 and to H.M.S. R-4 on June 26, 1919, which would prove to be his final submarine. It was during his tenure with H.M.S. Maidstone that he was awarded his Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Burgess was retired to pension on January 14, 1921.  
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