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eMedals-A First War German Imperial Miniature Chain

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A First War German Imperial Miniature Chain

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A First War German Imperial Miniature Chain

A First War German Imperial Miniature Chain - As recently acquired; Thailand: Crown Suspension for a Lost Order (silver, 8.6 mm x 11.8 mm); Vatican: Holy Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice of Pope Leo XIII (silver gilt, 18.3 mm); Austria: Order of Franz Joseph (multi-piece construction, silver and enamels, 13.2 mm x 25.2 mm); Prussia: Wilhelm I Centenary Medal 1797-1897 (bronze gilt, 15.5 mm); Prussia: Military Long Service Cross for Twenty Five Years' Service (silver gilt, 14.3 mm); Imperial: Hindenburg Cross for Combatants (bronze, 14.8 mm); Saxony: War Merit Cross 1915 (bronze, 16.2 mm x 20 mm); Bremen: Hanseaten Cross (silver with red enamels, 17 mm); Saxe-Meningen: War Merit Decoration 1914-15 (bronze, 15.7 mm x 25 mm); Lippe: War Merit Cross 1914 (bronze gilt, 16.8 mm); Oldenburg: Friedrich August Cross (blackened bronze, 15.8 mm); Meckenburg-Schwerin: Military Merit Cross 1914 (silver gilt, 15.5 mm); Prussia: Iron Cross 1914 with Oak Leaf (silver with black enamels, 16 mm x 25 mm inclusive of its oak leaf suspension); Wurttemberg: Friedrich Order, 1st Class Knight with Swords (silver gilt with white enamels, 14.5 mm x 18 mm); and Hochenzollern: House Order of Hochenzollern, 3rd Class with Swords (silver and enamels, 14.7 mm x 23.5 mm). All are suspended from a 175 mm long bronze gilt chain with loops on either end, intact enamels, very light contact, extremely fine.
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