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eMedals-A Fine Fliger's Luftwaffe Tunic, Trousers & Side Cap

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A Fine Fliger's Luftwaffe Tunic, Trousers & Side Cap

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A Fine Fliger's Luftwaffe Tunic, Trousers & Side Cap

A Fine Fliger's Luftwaffe Tunic, Trousers & Side Cap; Includes three pieces: a tunic, pants and side cap. The tunic is fabricated from an extremely fine grade, smooth to the touch, bluish-gray wool. The shoulders are adorned with epaulette straps in aluminum bullion wire, the undersides in dark yellow wool and are held firmly in place by gilt aluminum buttons at one end and sewn in place at the opposite end, where they meet the sleeve seam. The collar is trimmed in an angled aluminum bullion wire, with collar tabs on either side, each tab with mid-tone yellow wool uppers with oak leaves and a single gull in aluminum bullion wire, trimmed in piping of the same wire, indicative of the rank of Fliger (Private). The right breast exhibits a nicely-detailed, aluminum bullion wire Lutfwaffe eagle insignia, the wings highlighted with light gray threading and giving definition to the wings, on a black wool base, with the lower tip of the insignia overlapping the pocket below. The front has four pockets, one on each breast, with slightly larger pockets below each, all with decorative straps giving them a pleated-look with gilt aluminum buttons at the top. The left breast has three pairs of horizontal thread loops, arranged vertically, the left pair split between the pocket and the the uniform itself, the other two pairs resting on the pocket, where awards once resided. The front is completed by a vertical row of four pebbled gilt aluminum buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left. All buttons on the tunic are convex and unmarked, while the rear of the tunic is single-vented. The tunic has been designed with a tapered-fit in mind, as evidenced by seven vertical seams, two on the front and the other five on the sides and rear. The sleeves have been designed to be button-less and have French cuffs. Inside, the body of the tunic is lined throughout in a gray rayon, with two pockets on the left side, a large one on the left breast with a black button marked "FOR GENTLEMEN" sewn in place and a small pocket below at the hip, with a rayon tab nearby. The arms are lined in white rayon with a thin blue rule deisgn and there is a black strap in the collar for hanging the tunic on a hook. The tunic measures 440 mm across the shoulders x 710 mm in length, with scattered mothing and soiling evident. The matching pants come with a button down fly, with four dark brown plastic buttons on the right side facing reinforced button holes on the left side, with a reinforcing tab that buttons down on the right side above. It has four pockets, a small one at the front to the right of the crotch with a dark brown plastic button sewn above, one on each side at the front with a traditional hip-side entry, and one on the right seat with a dark brown plastic button, each of the pockets lined in white cotton. There are six brown plastic buttons spaced at various intervals around the waistline, most of the buttons on the pants marked "FOR GENTLEMEN", with venting at the rear and straps on either side of the vent, both with silvered metal buckles. When the straps are joined together, they ensure a snug fit at the waist for the wearer. The inside is lined in blue rayon at the waist, with a blue cotton loop at the rear just below the vent. The pants are beautifully creased front and back, measuring 1,120 mm in length overall, with slight soiling evident throughout. The side cap is fabricated from blue-gray wool, with a quality embroidered light gray Luftwaffe eagle on a blue-gray wool base sewn upon the peak of the cap at the front. Below there is an embroidered three-colour cockade sewn on the skirt. The interior is lined in gray cotton, marked on the left side in black ink, most of which has faded with time. The cap measures 100 mm x 285 mm, with interruptions in the fabric on both sides on the exterior, with light soiling inside from active use. Very fine. (C:6)
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