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eMedals-A Dutch NSB Storm Troopers Medal 1932-1935

Item: EU7910

A Dutch NSB Storm Troopers Medal 1932-1935


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A Dutch NSB Storm Troopers Medal 1932-1935

A Dutch NSB Storm Troopers Medal 1932-1935 - "Nationaal-Socialistische Bewweging in Nederland". Bronze, obverse illustrating the "wolf hook" insignia of the Weerbaarheidsafdeling (WA) inside an open ended wreath of oak leaves, reverse inscribed "ALLES VOOR HET VADERLAND 1932-1935" (All for the Fatherland), 36 mm, lightly soiled original ribbon with pinback, light contact, near extremely fine.   Footnote: Between 1931 and 1935, the National Socialist Movement party had its own paramilitary organization, the black uniformed Weerbaarheidsafdeling (WA), similar to the Sturmabteilung of the Nazi Party. The WA or Storm Troopers was formed in 1932, but disbanded in 1935 under a government decree prohibiting all Para military, political militias. The WA was reactivated after the start of the occupation in 1940. In November 1942, the tenth anniversary of its formation, the founder, Anton Mussert, instituted a “Strjdersteken der WA” literally “Fighters Badge”, but “Old Fighters” or “Veterans” Medal is closer to the sense of the original. Anyone who had served in the WA or in the militias of the NSNAP or “Dinaso”, now absorbed into the WA, was eligible, as were members of the “Mussert – Garde”. The first awards were made in January 1943.   
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