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eMedals-A Dutch "Nederland" SS Bau-Einsatz Ost Shield

Item: G16422

A Dutch "Nederland" SS Bau-Einsatz Ost Shield

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A Dutch "Nederland" SS Bau-Einsatz Ost Shield

A Dutch "Nederland" SS Bau-Einsatz Ost (SS Construction Unit East) Sleeve Shield, embroidered in silvery-grey threads on black cotton, with two aluminum pipes in the center, aprox. 68mm x 90mm, in worn condition. The SS Bau-Einsatz Ost was employed under the command of the SS Wirtschafthauptampt (SS Main Economic and Administrative Office) for the construction of military bunkers, concentration camps, airfields etc. in the Eastern Front.  The SS Volunteers from Nederland wore this insignia in place of the SS eagle. A very rare SS insignia.
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