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eMedals-A Canadian Militia 1867 Buff Leather Infantry Belt

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A Canadian Militia 1867 Buff Leather Infantry Belt

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A Canadian Militia 1867 Buff Leather Infantry Belt

A Canadian Militia Contemporary 1867 Buff Leather Infantry Belt with Ammunition Pouch and Bayonet Frog: The belt is fabricated from a flexible, 44 mm wide, 4 mm thick leather with a buffed upper, marked on the un-buffed reverse in black ink with a circle enclosing two illegible numbers and marked "LIC. 1819", with both inscriptions having been moderately covered with white shoe polish, the belt with six holes punched through on the right end, some more pronounced from usage than others, to accommodate the post on the brass length adjuster. The brass belt buckle has a two-piece construction, unmarked, the left side illustrating a blank outer ring with raised rims, while the right side has a central interlocking tab illustrating a Victorian crown, the buckle measuring 57 mm x 87.5 mm when the two pieces are interlocked. Accompanied the belt is white buffed leather ammunition pouch (ball bag), refinished on the upper with a whiteshoe polish, the belt fed through a patch on the pouch's reverse, the patch held firmly in place by a brass post on the bottom, marked in black ink with slightly-offset facing British Broad Arrow insignias on the underside of the patch, the pouch designed with a weather protective flap with tab and when released from the brass post on its front and lifted up, exposes a two compartments, one large and one small, along with being marked in black ink on the underside of the flap with an upward pointing Broad Arrow above "W D" (War Department), the pouch measuring 124 mm x 180 mm x 40 mm overall. The bayonet frog is also finished on its upper with a white shoe polish, held together via the use of six metal rivets, fed through the belt via a created loop above, with a 15 mm wide belt with buckle affixed to its mid-section and supported by two independent raised tabs on its underside, the frog measuring 85 mm x 230 mm. The belt, ammunition pouch and frog exhibit the expected contact and wear for an item of this age, with the reinforced stitching remaining intact throughout, the brass belt buckle with multiple contact marks and with bruising evident on the left side receiving piece, better than very fine.
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