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eMedals-A Brunswick SS Flute by F.Arthur Uebel with Case

Item: G17966

A Brunswick SS Flute by F.Arthur Uebel with Case



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A Brunswick SS Flute by F.Arthur Uebel with Case

A Brunswick SS Flute by F.Arthur Uebel with Case; A veteran "bringback"; this is the type style and make of instrument used by SS bands. This flute is composed of three pieces: the foot, the body and the neck piece. All three pieces are composed of metal parts, with the body and neck piece wrapped in a thin black veneered wood. The body is stamped in two places at the end towards the neck piece, horizontally: "11023 9 F. ARTHUR UEBEL MARKNEUKIRCHEN" with the company's insignia between the "9" and the "F.", and vertically immediately to the right: "Musiksch d. Waffen-SS Brschwg", the SS in the form of the traditional runes, the body measuring 348 mm in length. The foot is stamped at the far end, horizontally: "F. ARTHUR UEBEL MARKNEUKIRCHEN 11023" with the company's insignia fronting the type, and stamped "9" on the opposite side, the foot measuring 132 mm in length. The neck piece is unmarked and measures 223 mm in length. All three pieces are enclosed in their wooden-framed case, the case covered in a green nylon fabric with a black speckled design, marked "E H C I" in large white capital letters on the front cover, label on the inside lid inscribed "F. Arthur Uebel MARKNEUKIRCHEN i.Sa Werkstatt Für erstklassige Holzblasinstrumente" (Workshop for First-Class Wood Wind Instruments) in blue embroidery with the company's insignia immediately to the left in red embroidery, recessed beds to house the flute's parts, accompanied by a brass pin on a green string attached to an off-white cleaning cloth, case measuring 113 mm x 457 mm x 63 mm, dual hinged, one of two latches on the exterior intact, the other is broken, white cord handle affixed between the latches, soiled on the interior and the exterior. Very fine.    Footnote: The typical flute used in German and by SS bands were keyed wood/imitation wood versions of concert flutes, such as the one offered. Bandsmen or hoboisten's for the Waffen SS were drawn from the rifle companies at a scale of 2 drummer and 2 fluters per company and bore the appointment of bugler (hornisten). Their primary task was to act as "buglers" and infantry soldiers. Each battalion would have a battalion drum major (batallionstambour) and there would be a Regimental drum major in charge of the lot (Regimentstambour)  
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