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eMedals-A 1931 Launch of the Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia Medal

Item: EU10128

A 1931 Launch of the Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia Medal



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A 1931 Launch of the Italian Heavy Cruiser Gorizia Medal

In bronze, two dates indicated: MCMXVI (1916) and MCMXXXI (1931), 32mm, near EF. Footnote: The ship was named in honour of the Battle of Gorizia, alternatively referred to as the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo, launched on August 6, 1916 against the Austro-Hungarian forces and was the most successful Italian offensive along the Soca (Isonzo) River during World War I. The attack on Gorizia was the most successful Italian offensive along the Isonzo lines and greatly boosted Italian morale. In the wake of the battle, Italy finally declared war against Germany on August 28. The ship itself was a heavy cruiser and was commissioned on December 23, 1931. Gorizia participated in the Battle of Calabria, the Battle of Cape Spartivento, the First Battle of Sirte, and the Second Battle of Sirte. During the latter engagement, her guns hit the British destroyers Kipling and Sikh, causing minor damage. During the war, she also participated in 20 escort missions for Italian and German convoys aimed to supply the war in North Africa. On April 10, 1943, she was heavily damaged during an Allied air raid on La Maddalena base. In September 1943, when Italy signed the armistice with the Allies, she was still undergoing repairs; the shipyard workers scuttled her to prevent German capture. She was towed to the harbor at La Spezia, Liguria in northern Italy, and was eventually sunk there after a joint raid by British and co-belligerent Italian forces. She was raised after 1946 and scrapped
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