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eMedals-The Awards, Documents &  Knochensack to Lt.Wamsler of the 13th Fallschirm J.R.4 Group

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The Awards, Documents & Knochensack to Lt.Wamsler of the 13th Fallschirm J.R.4 Group

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The Awards, Documents & Knochensack to Lt.Wamsler of the 13th Fallschirm J.R.4 Group

13th Fallschirm J.R.4 Group to Lt.Wamsler -  Iron Cross 1st. Class 1939, magnetic, unmarked, in case of issue, in well worn condition; Iron Cross 2nd. Class 1939, magnetic, marked 55 on ring, in well worn condition (with corresponding award document (as Gefreiten) issued at Iraklion (Crete), May 29th 1941 (original signature of Oberst); Paratrooper Badge in zinc, gilded (this badge in my opinion is a made after 1945, a badge he likely purchased as a replacement after the War, but it is enclosed here as it comes as part of this grouping from the family); award document for Paratroopers badge, issued Berlin, March 31st, 1941, original signature of Generalleutnant; Ground Combat Badge, zinc, marked on reverse R.K. (catch missing); a pair of his collar tabs and shoulder boards, in well worn condition; a Luftwaffe eagle, embroidered Officer’s version for visor cap; embroidered visor for peaked cap, missing national cockade; party badge, enameled. Documents: besides award documents for iron cross and paratroopers badge, enclosed are several documents listing in details his career, medical history, promotions, etc; among these documents are also documents/proposals for the award of the German Cross in Gold (justification for the award) from the headquarters, dated 10.5.1945 (!); these documents reveal quite amazing military career/journey, stating he was recruited at base Stendal (near Berlin), in 1940; participated at Kreta operation as Gefreiter, in May 1941, and he distinguished himself in the fighting at Iraklion airport, and was decorated with the EK2; in October 1941, participated in operations in Russia (Leningrad); further participation on Eastern/Russian Front in 1942 at Oranienbaum (as a part of Army); in June and July of 1943, participated in operations in Southern France; participated in operations in Sicily, July/August 1943; in Calabria, in September 1943; further participation at securing of Apulia, then battle Salerno; further, he took part in fighting at Carrigliano, Sangro and Rapido, and was decorated with the EK1 in January 1944; in the first half of 1944, he was part of the force in the 2nd Defence at battle at Casino, and in the second half - after being promoted Feldwebel – participated at the battle of Rimini. Promoted Leutnant, on 1.1.1945; during the retreating fights in the Po low-lands, he forced his way on April 28th 1945  with 25 men a way through Citadella, which was heavily guarded by Italian partisans, and they freed some 80 German soldiers, which where held prisoner of war by the partisans. For this gallant action, he was decorated with the German Cross in Gold.; he was captured (or surrendered) in May of 1945, and transferred to POW camp in Southern Italy (documents enclosed). This grouping also includes one original photo of Wamsler, in paratroopers jumpsuit (German-"Knochensack"); group also includes his paratroopers jumpsuit (so called "Knochensack") re-sewn, the upper zippers still present, very well worn, several repairs, without any doubt a battle worn jumpsuit for a long time! Interesting grouping with further research possibilities of a brave and several times decorated Officer of the Fallschirmjäger.   
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