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  • Item: G20500

    A Superb Bavarian Soldbuch, Militärpass, Flight Log, and Photos, to Ground-Attack Gunner 

  • Item: G25189

    An Award Document for the German Soviet Banner of Labour (3rd Class)  

  • Item: EU8930

    A Spanish Order of Cisneros; Franco Period Collar 

  • Item: G17908

    An Army Marksmen Lanyard; Grade I 

  • Item: W4085

    A Singapore Air Force (SAF) Pilot Wings 

  • Item: W4078

    An Exquisite King Hussein of Jordan Presentation Badge in Gold & Diamonds 

  • Item: G18130

    A Rare RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Drillichmütze 

  • Item: W4080

    Three Rhodesian Air Force Insignia 

  • Item: W4086

    Two Air Force Pilot Wings; Kenya & Tanzania 

  • Item: W4098

    A Tunisian Order of Glory (Order of Nichan Iftikhar); Commander's Neck Badge, c. 1906-1922 

  • Item: G20917

    A Silver Grade Ostvolk Decoration; First Class  

  • Item: G21124

    A Luftwaffe General’s Brocade Belt & Buckle belonging to KC Winner von Hippel 

  • Item: GB5632

    Two British Army Temperance Medals 

  • Item: GB5721

    A Signed Letter from General Montgomery, Eighth Army in Italy, October 1943 

  • Item: G22662

    An Army/SS Silver Grade Infantry Badge by Friedrich Orth, Wien 

  • Item: G22885

    A First Type German Army Shooting Lanyard; Grade I 1936-39 

  • Item: G23225

    A Panzer Marksman Lanyard; Gold Grade 

  • Item: G25184

    A Lot of Four Miniature Second War German Awards and Decorations 

  • Item: G25198

    Two HJ Badges & Awards 

  • Item: G25202

    A 1921 Der Stahlhelm Badge Award Document 

  • Item: G25203

    A Historic Graf Zeppelin “Around the World Tour” Airmail Envelope  

  • Item: G25206

    A Rare NSDAP Essen Gau District Day Badge 1932 

  • Item: G25216

    A 1934 Ammerland Sports Festival Medal  

  • Item: G25217

    A Second War German ID Tag to the Rear Guard Army Group  

  • Item: G25218

    A German Customs Service Decoration  

  • Item: G25223

    A Third Reich German-Jewish Passport Belonging to Isabella Sara Lilienthal 

  • Item: G25224

    A 1938 German National Socialist Flyer Corps Coastal Flight Award Medallion; With Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: GB6087

    A Second World War Polish Air Force "First to Fight" Allied Co-Operation Poster 

  • Item: G25229

    A German Court Trial Document Sentencing Alois Adam Parzoch for High Treason 

  • Item: G25231

    A 1942 German State Debenture Bond Mecklenburg 100 Reichsmark 

  • Item: G25234

    A Fine Document Grouping to the SS Totenkopf & later the Prinz Eugen Division 

  • Item: G25236

    An Infantry Badge Bronze Grade by Josef Feix & Sohn 

  • Item: EU12256

    A Lithuanian Order of the Star of the National Guard 1930 

  • Item: G25249

    A 1932 HJ Potsdam Badge, by H. Aurich 

  • Item: EU12258

    A Second War Period Italian Air Force Ring 

  • Item: EU12261

    A Very Fine WW2 German Made Slovakian Day Fighter Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: G25276

    A 1944 Wehrmacht Master Shooting Award 

  • Item: G25277

    A Wehrmacht Entourage Badge by C.E Junker 

  • Item: G25278

    A Reich Labour Service Cape Closure Chain 

  • Item: G25280

    A 1933 A.H. Schicksalwende Medal in Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G25288

    A Second War Period City of Neuss Honour Award with Case 

  • Item: G25290

    A German DLV/Fliegerschaft NCO Belt Buckle by Assmann & Söhne 

  • Item: EU12263

    A Rare Croatian Diplomatic Dagger by Braca Knaus, Zagreb 

  • Item: G25292

    A 1944 District Reutte Shooting Event Badge 

  • Item: G25293

    A 1938 48th Annual Pioneer Day in Villigen Event Badge by Ferd Wagner 

  • Item: G25298

    A 1934 Leipzig 20th Shooting Competition Event Badge 

  • Item: G25300

    A Reichsarbeitsdienst Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle with Leather Tab by Ulbricht, Wien 

  • Item: G25301

    A 1936 Berlin Olympics Participation Badge for the Encampment of the German Fachämpter 

  • Item: G25303

    A 1939 Cologne Germany-England Athletic Competition Participation Badge 

  • Item: G25305

    A TENO Membership Badge  

  • Item: G25315

    A Case for First Class Ostvolk Bravery Decoration; Gold Grade with Swords 

  • Item: G25316

    A Luftwaffe Medal for Outstanding Technical Achievements with Case 

  • Item: G25319

    A 1936 Non Portable Olympic Relay Medal  

  • Item: GB6088

    Four Victoria Cross Recipient Signed Items  

  • Item: G25327

    An HJ Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition 1938 by G.Brehmer 

  • Item: G25330

    A German's 1930's Period Skull Ring 

  • Item: G25340

    A Near Mint Russian Service Medal of the Spanish Blue Division 

  • Item: G25341

    A KDF “Strength Through Joy” Oktoberfest Badge 

  • Item: G25344

    An Army Issued Demjansk Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G25345

    A 1938 NSFK Germany-Flight Badge by G.Brehmer 

Total items found 540

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