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  • Item: W4085

    A Singapore Air Force (SAF) Pilot Wings 

  • Item: W4080

    Three Rhodesian Air Force Insignia 

  • Item: W4086

    Two Air Force Pilot Wings; Kenya & Tanzania 

  • Item: W4098

    A Tunisian Order of Glory (Order of Nichan Iftikhar); Commander's Neck Badge, c. 1906-1922 

  • Item: G25241

    A Mint War Merit Cross First Class with Swords by Deschler with Case 

  • Item: G18651

    An HJ Golden Leaders Sports Badge by Gustav Brehmer 

  • Item: W4096

    A Second War Japanese Army Officer Pilot Wing 

  • Item: W4099

    A Japanese Navy Communication School Telecommunication Trainee Graduation Badge 

  • Item: W4112

    A Second War Japanese Navy Work School; General Department Graduation Badge 

  • Item: W4113

    A Second War Japanese Navy Gunnery Proficiency 2nd Class Badge 

  • Item: W4114

    A Second War Japanese Navy Engine Operation Proficiency 2nd Class Badge 

  • Item: G20917

    A Silver Grade Ostvolk Decoration; First Class  

  • Item: G22358

    A Mint Iron Cross Second Class 1939 

  • Item: G22662

    An Army/SS Silver Grade Infantry Badge by Friedrich Orth, Wien 

  • Item: G22719

    A Clasp to the Iron Cross Second Cl. 1939; Type I with Box of Issue 

  • Item: G23431

    Two German SS Insignia 

  • Item: G24939

    A Fine German Army Honor Roll Clasp 

  • Item: G25109

    A German Gold Grade Mother’s Cross with Miniature 

  • Item: G25223

    A Third Reich German-Jewish Passport Belonging to Isabella Sara Lilienthal 

  • Item: G25224

    A 1938 German National Socialist Flyer Corps Coastal Flight Award Medallion; With Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G25225

    A Waffen-SS EM/NCO’s Belt with Buckle and Holster 

  • Item: GB6087

    A Second World War Polish Air Force "First to Fight" Allied Co-Operation Poster 

  • Item: G25226

    A Large Shooting Award Document to Corporal Büschking; 2nd Reserve Flak Division 

  • Item: G25229

    A German Court Trial Document Sentencing Alois Adam Parzoch for High Treason 

  • Item: G25230

    A Photograph of Rudolf von Ribbentrop & Luftwaffe Ace Friedrich Geißhardt 

  • Item: G25231

    A 1942 German State Debenture Bond Mecklenburg 100 Reichsmark 

  • Item: G25232

    An Excellent German & Croatian Bravery Document to SS-Sturmmann in Yugoslavia  

  • Item: G25234

    A Fine Document Grouping to the SS Totenkopf & later the Prinz Eugen Division 

  • Item: G25235

    A Photo of SS-Oberstgruppenführer Kurt Daluege & Self-Signed Statement of Authenticity  

  • Item: G25236

    An Infantry Badge Bronze Grade by Josef Feix & Sohn 

  • Item: G25238

    A Mint Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp with Case 

  • Item: G25240

    A Sleeve Shield of the Waffen-SS Legion Langemarck 

  • Item: EU12256

    A Lithuanian Order of the Star of the National Guard 1930 

  • Item: G25242

    An SS Totenkopf Skull Collar Tab; "Pumpkin Head Pattern" 

  • Item: G25246

    An Early Tunic Removed SS EM/NCO's VT "Hammerhead" Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G25247

    A Luftwaffe Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge by Assmann 

  • Item: G25248

    A Luftwaffe Gold Bomber Flight Clasp by Richard Simm & Söhne 

  • Item: G25249

    A 1932 HJ Potsdam Badge, by H. Aurich 

  • Item: G25250

    A Kriegsmarine E-Boat Badge by Schwerin; Second Version 

  • Item: G25251

    A Set of SS Cufflinks in Nickel-Silver  

  • Item: G25253

    A Waffen-SS Norwegian Volunteer's Sleeve Shield/Insignia 

  • Item: EU12258

    A Second War Period Italian Air Force Ring 

  • Item: G25254

    A Waffen-SS Danish Volunteer's Sleeve Shield/Insignia 

  • Item: G25255

    A Pair of Scarce German Luftwaffe Ground Division Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G25257

    An Early Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Tombac with Ball Hinge 

  • Item: G25258

    A Pair of Scarce German Luftwaffe Ground Division Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G25259

    An Early Fallschirmjäger Badge by JMME & SOHN 

  • Item: G25261

    A Kriegsmarine Submarine War Badge by "Schwerin Berlin 68" 

  • Item: G25273

    An SS Flying Units (SS Fliegersturm) Collar Tab 

  • Item: EU12261

    A Very Fine WW2 German Made Slovakian Day Fighter Pilot's Badge 

  • Item: G25274

    A Kriegsmarine Naval Auxiliary Cruiser by R.Souval 

  • Item: G25275

    A 7. SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division “Prinz Eugen”; EM/NCO’s Collar Tab 

  • Item: G25276

    A 1944 Wehrmacht Master Shooting Award 

  • Item: G25277

    A Wehrmacht Entourage Badge by C.E Junker 

  • Item: G25278

    A Reich Labour Service Cape Closure Chain 

  • Item: EU12262

    A Second War Czechoslovakian Tank Crew Badge 

  • Item: G25279

    A Set of Kriegsmarine Navy Officer Peak Cap Badges 

  • Item: G25280

    A 1933 A.H. Schicksalwende Medal in Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G25284

    A Scarce Reichslabor Service Cufftitle with Document; Emsland  

  • Item: G25288

    A Second War Period City of Neuss Honour Award with Case 

Total items found 593

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